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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jennifer Lauren Handmade - The Laneway Dress

This is a dreamy dress!

The Jennifer Lauren Handmade patterns are really lovely patterns - drafted dreamily - I love the Bronte Top (I have several versions) as a tried and true pattern.  When I had an opportunity to test a new dress - right when I needed a new dress - I jumped on that wagon!

The Laneway Dress is a lovely - straightforward dress with separate pattern pieces for B, C & D cups - and I was able to make and wear it with no (I swear!) adjustments - no swayback, no bust changes, not even length!  I made the dress three times - all in a 16C - a muslin, this one and another to be revealed later.

I had a silly purchase in my stash - a gorgeous linen with a garish black overprint - I don't wear black, so that's the silly bit.  I am not sure what I was thinking - but from the pattern accompanying the fabric - it looks like I thought a pair of culottes (?)  - wowza.

So since this was a tester, I thought - I would use the fabric for this project instead, and surprise! I have worn the dress several times!

I know - the shoes - adorable, right?

The sleeve is wonderful - I have a full range of motion and it went in without a hitch.  The side pocket instructions are especially nice.

I didn't have enough fabric to match the side seams of the skirt, but the back is a piece de resistance:

 check out the pattern matching!

The invisible zipper install instructions were very nice, and I used my invisible zipper foot for a painless process start to finish.

The front neckline has three supercute options - I lightly tacked down the asymmetrical opening on mine

The inside is nice too:

And.... I have pretty new tags for my makes!

In the end the dress was perfect for the hot gymnasium the night of my son's graduation.

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