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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stash Buster #21 (of 48) - B6163 Looking for a TNTee

After the ***Success*** of my B6169 Moto Jacket (sadly waiting for me to return to Ottawa to retrieve it!  - secretly I suspect someone wanted to keep it)  I thought I would extend another opportunity to Lisette to prove her patterns can do curvy.

B6183 is my intended:

Here are the muslin shots  of a 16D:
Not enough ease, so I am going up a size, swayback, increasing back hip and taking a nip at the back neckline.
Here are the muslin shots of 18D with the adjustments:
YAY!  I love it - I am wearing it to test the remainder of the day and then I will decide if there are any more changes I need to do.


  1. hi ... i read on in your review of Butterick B6183 you created a bust adjustment for *gravitational pull* of pregnancy ... i would love to read how you made that adjustment ...

    your blouse in darling and i'm hoping to make one this summer in a linen and one in a c/l knit ....

    thank you for any help you can give me .... take care .....

    darlene harris

    1. This is a VERY detailed explanation of a major adjustment:

      I also needed to shift the curve so that the apex was lower.