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Monday, January 26, 2015

My Sewing Mojo is depressed.

There's my Duffel Bag.  Lying there with no bottom and no shoulder strap nor handle.
It took me 6 hours to sew the side panels in because I was overzealous in my fabric choice (see my last post on Home Dec Fabric).  I swore like a sailor through the sides - I have some serious contrition in my future.

My Serger is too long at the Spa - I suspect the technician doesn't want to tell me that I may need to pull the plug.  I miss it so!  I have a backlog of projects I would like to dive into, but I am letting it's absence hold me back.
I have The Cold keeping me out of the basement, too;  and DH is on a terrible shift these next few weeks with a class of trainees on a evening shift.  I doubt I will get much done in the evenings unless DS2 is into sleeping in his crib at 8pm (rotflmao).  The Cold has had me blowing my nose for 10 days now - my sewing room is a petrie dish (gross) - and I can't spray it down with lysol like my MIL suggests....  .

So - What's on the burner?

  1. Manilas in Galaxy Sunset

    Thrifted / Stash Fabric - It sparkles, It's Orange and Yellow and Pink - Spandex, I think.
  2. Lisette's Passport Dress 2209 in a Hunting Border Print  (Rayon?) It's stash fabric again

    Sally at The Quirky Peach did a cute version and her stripes at the centre pleats have me inspired.  I like Wendy K's Centre Back Zipper
  3. I am going to finally trace Vogue 2491 (OOP) and make the vest out of a crazy stash fabric:
    Vogue 2491 Wardrobe Jacket Coat Vest Top Skirt Pants Size 14 16 18 Uncut Sewing Pattern 2000
    I have to decide which direction to run the stripe:
  4. Finally, I have just added to my stash: and have plans for a top and skirt:

new addition: a cool Ponte
I was thinking View C of Simplicity 1945, but this image of Threads' Review has changed my mind and I think I will make view B - I found Haileyscomet's version in a similar weight Ponte hmmmm....  I will have to test the fabric thickness this time - and avoid my duffel bag density.  Maybe I'll make it in something else first to test - my last wrap front is too hot with all the layers.

Here are the patterns added to my stash this week from the thrift store:

Monday, January 19, 2015

My kryptonite: Home Dec fabric

Why must upholstery fabric be so pretty?  I continuously try to sew with it and end up in a schmozzle.   I am now 4.5 hours into the end pieces of my new duffel.   It was supposed to be done for my trip to Toronto this past weekend, but I had to cry uncle.
There are about 200 layers in that bundle.  My wee sewing machine is weeping in the corner right now.  Stabalizer, fleece, lining, zipper tab, shoulder strap loop, main fabric (a great canvas weight with grey and yellow swirls), and accent fabric (the remnant of the dinosaur skirt).  I am ready to take my seam ripper to my forehead and lobotomize this project. 

Stashbuster #4 of 48 ... will NOT be a UFO.  
I will overcome.
(Note: it is Martin Luther King Day.  I mean absolutely no disrespect with that final line.)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Stash Busting Project #3 (of 48) - Blue/Grey with Gold Infinity Scarf

Also known as the beast that beat my serger.  Yup.  The fabric that looked so easy, got caught between a rock (the feed plate) and a hard place (the blade) and jammed and threw my serger's timing down  Two Left Foot Lane.

Sigh.  Bye bye old friend, off to the Serger Spa for a full tune - up.   See you in several weeks. (It will cost as much as the spa!)

But the scarf!  OMiGawd. I am so sorry that it is destined for my coworker (the lucky duck got me as her Secret Santa)  I wish I had enough for myself too.  Look at the fabric!

It's a gorgeous knit with gold fibres in the grey  (ecru?) and a spattering of gold across the navy.

I want to keep it.  Carol: you are gifted the best secret santa scarf ever.

Meters Used on this project: 1
Total Meters Busted 1/9/2015: 4.8

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stash Busting Project #2 (of 48) - Blue/Black Interlock Julia Cardigan

Check out this crazy fabric:

I pictured a great tunic-y cardigan I could wear with a belt over and spice up a black jeans ensemble.

Tonight, though, I was looking for instant gratification and I think I may have blundered.

This is what I got:

I need to wear it all day and decide if I like how it looks.  I am always far more critical of my creations when I am wearing them.

Meters Used on this project: 1.8
Total Meters Busted 1/7/2015: 3.8

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stash Busting Project #1 (of 48) - Gold Julia Cardigan

The Julia Cardigan is my current most used pattern. I completed 6 versions for 2014, my 7th is this lovely one, and my 8th (finally: one for me!) is on my sewing table - just waiting for me to thread black into my serger.

This version is for my lovely SIL (my Brother's Wife) who is a conservative dresser, and who has challenged herself to step away from her comfort zone of grey, white and black.  I gave SIL a choice of fabrics from my stash, and didn't tell her I actually chose this one for her, and she picked it!!!!

The cardigan has turned out lovely - I hope she loves it on as much as I love it.  She's very lucky that she wears a different size and needed a wide shoulder adjustment!  I am coveting her cardi (never mind that the colour is not the best choice for my complexion - it feels awesome).

I did a neat shoulder adjustment on this version I split the  shoulder and pivoted at the arm scythe.

It seems to have worked very well - and was very easy - I just trued up the shoulder after I cut the other sides and it sewed together great, and looks good on the dress-form.

I'm looking forward to seeing it on her.

Meters Used on this project: 2
Total Meters Busted 1/6/2015: 2

Stashbusting for 2015

In 2014 I decided to return to sewing the majority of my clothes.  and then I committed to only using thrift store finds.  (EEK! it was impossibly easy - who knew the world was full of fabric hoarders just about to clear out their basement?)

And now, it's 2015 and I have been welcomed (open armed) into the online realm of sewists!  I have joined a club:

Tumbleweeds In The Wind: Announcing The 3rd Stashbusting Sewalong! Bring on 2015!

and I have committed:
I, Heather,commit to using 48 pieces of stash fabric in 2015. I also commit to not buying any new fabric/patterns/ notions except for Fully-Planned, Pinned, Blogged and Detailed projects. I will blog all 48 stash busters on and I will commit to participating in the contests and the Stashbusting 2015 sewalongs.

My favorite Christmas gift (received)

My son and DH helped me install a powerfully supported shelf in my sewing room, with a closet - rod for my patterns.

There was no way I was going to share the before picture.  I couldn't get to an angle from which I could do justice to the nearly a ToughMudder of a course I had to get through.

I am so happy with the result.   It's liberating and inspiring.   Bring on the 2015 stash busting challenge!

Friday, January 2, 2015

WOO HOO! A plus size model in the new Seamwork!



the included patterns go to a 3x

I am ecstatic.

I can't wait to make the camisole tomorrow - It might need to be tonight - and maybe the leggings too!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Making a Baby Blanket go a little further

It's no secret that I adore my Sister in Law and dote on her daughter.  Living in a house with boys at all stages (baby, tween, husband, and Father... and a boy-dog to top it off) means I desperately cultivate my girly realms.  A's pink dresses and ribbons and bows are like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day.

I can't say no to SIL and when she asked me to craft something out of her baby blanket I followed suit and said yes and accepted the package.  SIL was thinking "a purse" or an accessory for her dolls, but when I unpacked the TINY beautiful Minke (a silky fleece blanket from the fairy land of new babies) I could only imagine extending the cuddle.

The pattern is a big polkadot with animals popping out of some of the circles.
Minke is the softest velvet you can imagine, and this one had been washed a hundred times so I had confidence that I could trust it not to shrink any further and I thought if I carefully unpicked the binding and separated it from the pink fleece backing that I could  use it for some piece of clothing.

In my pattern stash I have a number of kids patterns including Simplicity 1926 ( ) which is a cute coordinates package that includes a kimono sleeved bolero.  I had considered it a few times for A, so I pulled it out and voilà!  It fit! (JUST).

There were a few circles available in the arm pits of the patter, so I cut carefully to leave three animals for a coordinating Peek -a- Boo Pattern Shop Janey Jump Around  Dress ( )

The Jump Around Dress is a favorite, I have made it several times now, so I pulled some fuscia fleece and white jersey from my stash and used the three fabrics to make the two items.
The three remnant animals became appliqués on the dress, elbow patches and an elephant at centre chest.

So SIL was thrilled, and A was equally happy.