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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Cabled Cosy (Jacquard) Sweater - M6992

A few months ago I learned quite a lot doing a course called Dressing Your Truth (previous post) - it changed a few things - including what fabric I buy.  I have a little card with my best colour groupings  on it and though I rarely pull it out (it's pretty intuitive) it has tuned my eye to what it right for me when I am digging through the bins and bolts of clearance fabrics.

So I found a bizarre 1.2m piece in the Jacquards bin this Fall, and I couldn't let it pass.  It is the right colour - lots of activity/movement, and it's "cute".
The fabric is a jacquard knit, and also quilted.  I would almost say it leans towards a scuba - it's very neat.

I revisited McCall's M6992:
The double bust darts give this sweater great shaping, and the raglan sleeves are really sweet.  The little shoulder dart is a nice feature.
I like the hem without the band (View D) and I was really happy with the pattern matching at the front shoulder.
Given that I was limited to my remnant, and it had a flaw running the middle of the piece on the grainline - I think the back is well placed too.  

I am very happy with this make.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I am in love.

I am in love.  That is all.

Okay - a bit more:  The hood on Mrs Claus' cape is near perfect on the inside because this is the best bit of engineering I could have hoped for.  

Seriously: if you sew garments, buy a flat felled foot.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Stash Buster of Epic Proportions! Planning

I have been blessed with an OPPORTUNITY!
Years ago I worked for a great organization called Downtown Kingston! (exclamation mark included) working as the bookkeeper and secretary to several boards as a part of a great team of people.  When I left to manage my ex husband's business, and work as a controller at a Harley dealership, I kept going back to assist Downtown Kingston! with their events and festivals.

Over the years (10 years!?), one of my favorite recurring gigs has been the Nighttime Santa Parade.  I Guided Sparks, Brownies, Guides in the parade, I marshaled, I drove dignitaries, I waved to kids, I loved it.  I like people a lot, and this event is no ego for me, just a chance to see the faces of thousands of people having a great time.  It worked well as a single Mom, too: DS the Elder often came along for the ride, and got to meet some pretty awesome dignitaries!

So last year, I was assigned to chauffeur Mrs Claus to the event, and to drive one of the dignitary vehicles (the dignitaries usually walk, so I end up just driving an SUV at the start of the parade).  Mrs Claus had something go wrong, and couldn't make the parade - but my gig continued.

Then, in the Spring, I stopped in to drop off something to the office, and mentioned that I would be willing to stand-in for Mrs Claus if it ever happened again.  TA-DAH!  I got an email last month - they needed an understudy!  and this week? I am not just a bridesmaid this time!  Hello, Santa!

So up an'at'er!  I have a few weeks to make a costume (and of course I am not just whipping up a furry smock).

I have two donations to my stash that started the project:

  1. my SIL gave me some home dec fabric last winter - a red upholstery with dahlias in chenille
  2. my BFF's mom handed me some boxes when she was downsizing - and included was several meters of red satin backed crepe.

On the right above you can see the PUL I bought (a disappointing colour match, but such an investment, so I am using it).

So first, the Skirt.  I pulled out my A line block and added 1.5" to all seam allowances, and lengthened by 10", and lengthened the curved waistband by 6" on either end (my fudge factor) - I wasn't sure what I would need and Mainely Dad said it once and it stuck with me: cut your waistbands long - you can always shorten.
The upholstery was not an easy sew (and I am only half-way through hand stitching the canvas backed waistband), but I added the zippers, darts and shaping I think it needed:

So what's next?
Jacket:  M7254 View C in white "Reptile Fur" (what?   it was on the hallowe'en clearance table)
ValGal's version on Pattern Review was a lock for this pattern:

I will also need a muff for my hands and I hope to make this Die Nähanleitung zum Knöpfchen-Loop Autumn: (Katrin's is so beautiful)

So those are my essentials - All fur-trimmed, of course.