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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

M7093 Godets on a Woven Raglan T! (Stash Buster 33 and 34 - of 48)

After two weeks on B6053 I needed a quick top - something pretty and easy (and colourful after all that heathered grey crepe.   Baby and Hubby were sick, so I put them to bed and went to the basement.  I really enjoyed whipping up my first M7093 :

But, it was too snug at the hips (bring on the food scale!).

So I pulled out another intended combo of fabrics with no assigned pattern from my stash:

I graded up sizes at the hips AND... I LOVE IT

(I see from these pictures though, this fabric calls for a seamless bra)
The grading worked well, and the addition of the stretch lace is cosmetic only (but I thought I might need it when I was working on it).
I studied and studied the fabric to try to decide which side was the right side, and decided that I liked [what I presume is] the wrong side best.  The side front godet is a stretch lace, and the main fabric is a wool/silk/viscose (gerorgette? - the label only had fibre content) that I picked up in the secret apparel fabric stash at my local quilting shop.  (The owner of the shop is a secret apparel sewist and brings in minimum orders from time to time from a quality fabric supplier - and I tend to buy the ends of her bolts when they go on reduction)

I think if I ever sew with a similar fabric I will stay stitch the heck out of the pieces - luckily I was able to call out my inner pressinatrix (oh Ann, I have such admiration!) and steam the edges back into shape.  I pressed EVERY SINGLE STEP for this garment - I think that's why my shoulder and godet looks so pretty.

I read recently in a variety of pinning places that you should never stitch over an unpressed seam - and I have taken it to heart.  

So - is this a georgette?

(wow - that's a big picture, but I'd like to know what to call this fabric)  

I used French seams (the fabric is pretty well behaved, but I wasn't sure it wouldn't shred with wear), but left the shoulder dart open, and I did a light overlock stitch on the hems before turning them and stitching them.

DREAMY fabric - and perfect for 30C days - it will have to be put away for the other three seasons, though, I feel nearly naked.

I will definitely sew this pattern over and over - though I may change the front neckline to less boat and more slight scoop.


  1. I'm so glad to see this made up- I have this one and can't decide if my hips will fit in this or look bizarre. I love your fabric choices!

  2. Wow, your pressing paid off, this looks fantastic! Shame about your first one! No idea what that fabric is, but it looks like a knit, not a woven. It's got similar ribs to some tricot. It looks fab anyway!