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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stashbuster #28 and #29 - A tale of two pdfs (Seamwork Astoria and Deer and Doe Plaintain)

To fit the waist or not to fit the waist....  
I am seriously short of outfits right now - so, I am trying to focus on some efficient sewing.  I wanted to ensure I had some core wardrobe pieces (or at least the pattern selected and altered for core wardrobe pieces).

Here are two core pieces I am working on - first the Seamwork Astoria  - This is my muslin-ish sample - I think I want to do an fba on it next time - to try to reduce the arm scythe wrinkles. - I think that's what's needed - that will give me a tad more length and circumference in the bodice to allow the waistline to fall horizontally, too...  I think. I'd love some feedback on whether you think that will do the trick...

Item two is a loose T - the Plantain T from Deer and Doe  The FBA looks good on this - the fabric was a pain to work with - the stripes are off grain, but I am quite happy with the fit boobs and up.

I have the shorts pattern down now my latest iteration is perfect, I think - I haven't got a picture, yet, but I am going to make up another pair at Bermuda length - soon.  I need to make a party dress soon, though our friends' wedding is racing up on me.

Busted:  4m

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