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Friday, October 24, 2014

When Big Kids knock at your door for Hallowe'en - treat them just like little kids.

My 11 year old is taller than me.  He has been planning and re-planning his costume for MONTHS.  He gets braces on Nov 6 (carefully arranged to follow Hallowe'en).  On the 31st we are taking him out of school early in the day so he can catch the train to his Dad's and get there in time to go Trick or Treating.  This is the event of the season for him.

 I have mentioned once or twice to him that this is probably his last year for going door to door. He'll be too big next year.  Then I read this brilliant article by Marion Franck and I changed my mind.

See, the kids from the nieghbourhood come by after school sometimes and (shhh don't tell anyone) play dress-up in the basement with all of our old costumes. Boys like creative play too, people.

It freaked me out when he wanted, at the age of 8, to be ghoulish for Hallow'een, but I let him do it. Kids need Hallowe'en costumes to take control of that they are fearful of - and to assume the qualities of those they admire.

What the Hell - I'll let him take charge of his imagination and be whoever he wants, and if it means, letting him trick or treat for a few more years, great.

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