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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

BzzAgent - Doing my Hair Nice and Easy!

I do BzzAgent stuff: I sign up and receive free products to try, and then I tell people about my experiences.  
This month I am testing:
 Clairol® Nice ‘n Easy hair colour collection

This is my hair with no product - dark blonde / light brown.

I did this. - I don't normally do this.

It turned out like this.

What I learned:
  1. You cannot expect to do this and not get some on you face, clothes, hands, towel, tub or baby.
  2. You should make sure, AHEAD OF TIME, that the baby can't get into anything you would normally take away from him.
  3. Time moves at an exponentially slower pace as you count-down 25 minutes.
  4. This is not the time to multi-task, but I was able to sort the clean laundry and get it ready to put it away, and play with the baby.
  5. Baby steps are best when adjusting your hair colour.  This was enough - it's a little reddish right now.  I am glad that it fades away.  There is an extended undo.  
  6. I might do this again, but I didn't like the tingling on my scalp.
  7. I am really glad I did a test spot first - I would have stressed about the tingling scalp if I hadn't made sure I wasn't allergic first.
  8. I am SUPER GLAD I am also testing Sawmill Creek Wine (also #GotItFree) - Colouring my hair was a big step for me - but it really was Nice and Easy.

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