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Thursday, May 7, 2015

I have no voice - so I can't blog? What's been happening in my troll house.

I have a wonderful sewing space in my unfinished basement - a big space with the water heater in one corner, a lonely laundry tub (Iron refilling station!) and the household deep-freeze in another corner.  It has a window (9 feet up) and a geothermic cooling system (concrete floor).  I adopted a rug (that saw a vacuum when it landed and not since) and my dress forms (my wish I was size and my recent Value Village addition of a plus size Diana) wear my ragged sewing sweaters.

I love this space.  I call it my Troll House - mostly because I hunker down and mumble back to people when they dare invade my mommy time (lips pressed together over the latest pin, usually).  My Dad put up the walls for me a year ago, and my DH and DS (the elder) worked hard to put up shelves for me for Christmas.

I have had a WICKED COLD (via the snotty DS (the younger) and his blessed day-care buddies) and in my line of paid occupation (work from home telephone support to accounting software users) that's a curse - though I get a lot of sympathy from my clients as I squeak my way through their accounting nightmares and solve their conundrums - more compassion than I ever got from my live-in-person colleagues when I came to work sick in the past.

I suddenly realized today that I haven't blogged the whole time I have been sick - no voice means no blog?

I have been sewing baby clothes this month - and now it is time for me to move on to clothes for me... it's getting desperate and it IS the time to do it - Me Made may and all.

Plans?  They are laughably fluid - but I have an Alder Skirt up first, and then I am thinking of doing a SeamWork collection.... I am in love with the Sydney.  I need some shorts too - and I am tempted to make another pair of pjs from the Hudson Pant and Bronte Top (I love my set made in January).

okay more to come: but first, tylenol.

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