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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Strategy for the 2016 Pattern Stash Contest

2016 Pattern Stash Contest
Since this month's Pattern Review contest works so well to bust some stash, we are working together on a little "Contest-along" in our Stashbuster Facebook Group.

In all things competitive it is a good idea to map out a strategy - and here is the utterly essential strategic step:
If you want a chance to win the gift certificate prize, don't forget to
A) BY December 31 REGISTER as a member of
B) join the contest

So this contest is a quantity contest. Prize 1 of 2 goes to the user who bangs out the highest number of unique pattern review entries.  Prize 2 of 2 is determined by random-lucky draw: each item you enter becomes a ballot.

This means that the number of stashed patterns you crack is the crux, not the quality of your sewing, fitting, personalizing.  The key is to line-up a series of patterns that you can pound out one after another.  

Easy Peasy - make sure you select patterns with quick turnaround time and you're good to go for the PR component. So now we need a stashbuster strategy.

We want to make the most of this opportunity:  Here are some possible approaches
  1. A great way to approach this contest is as a wearable muslin audition. Why not pick 5 similar patterns and a bunch of yardage and make all 5 back to back?   Quickly alter each pattern with standard adjustments,  and move on to the next pattern.  At the end assess each result - chart the results and you might end up with the components for the ideal garment.
  2. how about clearing up a section of your stash?  I have a block of untried Perfect Pattern Parcel patterns - what if I hammered through those?  I may have undiscovered gems in the stash!
  3. Seamwork Patterns!  how many untried patterns do you have from the first 7 months?  These are ideal churners - an hour or two each:
    1. 12/14: Oslo (cardigan), Valencia (bag), Madrid (bag)
    2. 1/15: Manila (leggings), Savannah (cami)
    3. 2/15: Florence (bra), Geneva (panty)
    4. 3/15: Osaka (skirt), Aberdeen (top)
    5. 4/15: Bristol (skirt), Astoria (sweater top)
    6. 5/15: Sydney (topper/shawl), Astoria (dress)
    7. 6/15: Aurora (tank top), Mesa (shift dress)
    8. 7/15: Seabrook (bag), Nantucket (shorts)
  4. Big 4 BOGO and Bundle deals - I bet you have a few!
Any sewn item from an untried pattern you have owned for more than 6 months is eligible!
Go back to the Facebook conversation - what's a strategic approach you can suggest as an approach to the pattern list?  

next up: Fabric and Pattern tracing preparations

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