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Monday, May 2, 2016

Lisbon Cardigan: A Garden Sweater!

Spring is so pretty!  All the buds and explosions on branches, the lovely lushness and the colours!  Oh - and then there's the lasting winter chill that speckles the lovely sunshine filled days.  I love to underdress this time of year, and then nature punishes me if I haven't got a layer tucked away in a little bag.

I have some pretty fabrics in my stash that need a special garment - this small piece hasn't been languishing long, but that's because the perfect project landed on my cutting table (I was asked to test the pattern)!  The main fabric was a prize in a recent show and tell from Elliot Berman Textiles:  I had feared it was going to be long-term stash or face its destiny as panties because I only had  .8m of it.  The other fabric is a beautiful Teal Bamboo Jersey from my stash - I think I bought it at Fabrications as a remnant. ( I think this is the proper description:  66% Bamboo Viscose, 28% Organic Cotton and 6% Spandex. 58” wide  - 200 GSM.)
Both of these fabrics are 4 way and the main stretch is 100%

The pattern is a really simple cardigan with 4 design options - the Lisbon Cardigan from Itch to Stitch.

The design has a lovely amount of ease - and made with such a light jersey with all that Lycra I could have sized down - I am so thrilled with the relaxed look of the top.

The bands on this pattern really make this an easy garment to construct.  Taking a few minutes to mark the quarters of the sleeve, 8ths of the collar, and 16ths of the hem band mean that you can easily/evenly distribute the stretch and prevent any bunching.

The collar is the most challenging stretch - but as a result it lies nicely against the body.  Can I just shout out to Kennis to a gorgeously drafted sleeve?  Look how the armpit came together!

The back of the cardi is straight forward and clean

All in all - I am happy with my top, and I am happy to recommend the pattern.  Itch to Stitch provided me with the pattern, and you can be assured that if it was a dud I wouldn't recommend it.  Since I fall right at the top of her size range I wouldn't normally be an Itch to Stitch customer, but this experience has me re-examining the patterns on the site - Kennis wrote excellent instructions and the draft is spot-on.

My version of the pattern is the cropped cardi with 3/4 sleeves.  There is also a long sleeve and uncropped version.  In testing the only drafting feedback was that the sleeve was long in the test version - Kennis will be altering this for the final draft.

Did I manage to evoke a bit of the satin bomber-jacket fashion that the style bloggers are going on about?  (Am I maybe on the cutting edge? - not likely, but I love the top, so Whateve's)


  1. This is so pretty and just perfect for spring--you look great in it!

    1. Thanks­čść
      It's super-├Ęasy to wear. I made another over Sunday-Monday, too.

  2. Very pretty! You are a very talented lady.