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Monday, August 29, 2016

Latest makes (again, a catchup post)

I've been testing and doing totally non-glamorous sewing lately, but I have a few makes to share:
This M5435 hack turned out to be an easy to wear dress

This Plantain Tee for the store was a nice make- the cowl is nicely sized
I took a course in felting and made a sweet Plover

3 Felting Projects I tried on my own.

The cute little bunny!
 And the 5T Chickadee has a couple new dresses:

This is the Peppermint Swirl Dress from Candy Castle Patterns 

This is an in-progress shot of a heirloom dress
I reviewed the pattern I used for the heirloom dress here.

My next post should be up soon - I am working on some Fall sewing: Linen Endeavours and it's part of a blog tour which will appear on this blog for once.

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  1. We all need some basic non glamorous things but I must say that first dress looks like it might have some glamor potential.