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Monday, January 9, 2017

After all those secret projects.... what's coming up?

That Washi is a great little pattern.  I wore my new linen one to a trip to a music and museum afternoon and was so comfortable!  Winter and stockings is not a win-win, but maybe I'll tackle some rosehip tights next winter...


OMG - I made a stocking for my son for Christmas, and I ROYALLY messed up the cuff that folds over the top.  I need to redo this.


I am working on some SILK pjs with cute rickrack edging.  They are adorable. and SILK!


My sewing group is working on a 8 garment Seasonal Sew Wardrobe: I have been toying with my plans:

The fun bit is that I have also been choosing my fabrics from my stash.....  I am debating tackling the Tilton apron dress ( V9108) or the Colette Dhalia next.


My health.  So - I am down 50lbs and it's time for me to start adding yoga and gymn work.  I HAVE to get ready for my hysterical surgery.  (Intended : go look up the connection between hysterectomy and hysterical)

I don't think sewing can be harnessed for motivating me to work out - they are (timewise) counter productive - EXCEPT - it is sure nice to NOT have to grade up the patterns - I can just blend the size lines and succeed now  <GRIN!>


This is NOT Gratitude - I have so much of that.  So I will pick one thing - I saw Spencer Evans (well see is a stretch, I was tucked in a corner because we arrived too close to the start of the concert - so DH and I listened) at a local gallery yesterday #childcare
Imagine what it would be like to be able to express what's in your heart the way that a musician can?  That's artistry.

so... decisions decisions - but I have to finish the pjs first.

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