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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Surprise! You're about to be an over 40 new mom!

The first time through I was 30 when my son was born, and THEN I was one of the older moms in my rural playgroups circles.  I was alone in a new town (my mother had passed away a few years before), with an absentee ex-husband, and only The Baby Whisperer to guide me, unless I attended the Better Beginnings meetings and playgroups.
I have done great - a working, single mom for most of my parenting life so-far - my son has made it to 10 and 3/4 without any major scars.  R has a manageable education barrier (his hand writing is terrible - identified as a learning disability), but he is super-bright about all things Greek history, and has exactly the right amount of fear.

So now I am 41.  6 months ago we realized that after all the years of failed pregnancies, I had a pregnancy that was going to stick!

A new bundle is due in the coming weeks, a new boy, and this time with a engaged, wonderful (first-time) father-to-be.

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