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Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby Blues and Routine

So to be perfectly clear:  I am calling this Baby Blues instead of Post Partum Depression (PPD) for a reason.  I never went to a Dr to address my mood, didn't speak to a nurse.  I just drove around town crying and cocooning in my house.  I buried myself in projects and made serious use of my baby swing and remembered how to sleep with my baby.  If it weren't for my wonderful partner (DH) I would have been shipwrecked.

I am no stranger to the blues. 11 years ago I dropped in on them when I subjected myself to a two hour rotation of breast pumping for 4 months, and climbed out after I was delivered to my Father's cottage in Nova Scotia for the late Spring and Summer.  I had similar dips over the decade as I traversed the mountain range that was my life.

When my second marriage dissolved I ended up with a wonderful physician who specialized as a Life Coach doing a talk therapy approach to mood management. Through my conversations with Peter I garnered the following list of tasks to follow:

  1. get your heart rate up for 20 minutes every day
  2. Hang out with non-work friends once a week
  3. Eat fish 3 times a week
  4. Sleep
  5. Pick one issue at a time and address a small part of it
So - up and at it at a decent hour - try to get in the shower right after my DH, and get that baby on a routine!
My girlfriends and I met at a local comedy club for dinner and a show, and my BFF came up from Altanta and spent a week with me getting her head wrapped around my life, and picked up the baby's cold.

I attended the Landmark Forum in September 2013 and it has been an invaluable addition to my life (in its subtractions and reductions)  and it has given me the tools I needed to deal with the #5s (above).  

Routine is huge.  Creating is huge.  Recognizing and expressing gratitude for the love I feel is essential.

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