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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fabric Fairy

Yes, Carmencita there is a Tweed Fairy - a member of a wonderful sorority of fairies who bless us occasionally with awesomeness at the Thrift Shop:

Evidence 1:
I just Bedazzeled for my very first time! I am not thrilled with my technique, but in the interest of fooling the 2 year old that it is a Frozen dress... or maybe a North Pole dress.... the bedazzeler came out of my "try this" pile. 

The bedazzler was a deal at my local Value Village recently - components in separate grab bags - it took me a bit to track down all the parts, it was like a 1990s scavenger hunt. I managed to score 3 packs of rhinestones in the dig along with the machine and it's components. 3.97 total.

Evidence 2:
See that stripe in the shot up above?  Value Village - $1.99 for 1.8m
A fuzzy Sweater Knit - perfect for the above mentioned 2 year old.  Also note the quilted, double faced jersey - awesome.

Evidence 3:
I have been wishing and praying for the perfect fabric for a project that will remain nameless for a few more weeks (check back after Christmas)

$5.99 for 2.5m  Can you hear the Hallelujah Chorus?

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