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Monday, March 23, 2015

Torn - Gauchos, Culottes, or a another drawing board?

Look at this GORGEOUS fabric! (It is draped over my table in this shot):

Hmmmm - now that I see it on screen I am doubting myself...
It's honestly more subtle than it looks here.  uh-oh.  
But the hand is gorgeous!  and it has a tricot backing - so it won't need to be lined.
(But too bad we weren't still in Jungle January....   can I get a JJ Prop for March/April?)
As crazy as it sounds, I am thinking about one of these:
KwikSew 3433
Culottes?  Trousers?
I know, weird, right?  I survived the 70s and 80s... why go back?  I don't know - they seem wearable.  and they ARE trendy.  I am not sure the fabric will hold the centre leg create in the lisette pants. 
Can a cury girl safely venture into this land?  Is it insanity to try to force this fabric to meet my imaginary style?  Is it too "winter-meets-middlish aged-mom desperate for a little-Spring"
OMG I am doubting myself!

I am not sure....  I am going to make up the muslin for B6183 and see how they fit.

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