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Friday, June 26, 2015

Stash Buster #30 (of 48) - Sucking it up and completing a UFO - Seamwork Sydney

Back when I was planning for the Plus Size Outfit Contest with I had hoped to include the Seamwork Sydney

Look how cute it is!

I had a great fabric that coordinated well,,, it wasn't a
"Light-weight fabric such as linen, chambray, silk crepe, double gauze, cotton lawn or voile" - I decided to go with "Crazy Rebellion away from the recommended" - I went with a ruched mystery jersey backed with a viscose knit.

Then I cut it out.
It looked HUGE, and sloppy - and I hadn't even stitched it. And - what was I going to do for bias trim? (I even bought (gasp!) 4m of FOE to edge it!)

Seriously - I am over 40 should I really be looking like this:
eek!  The 80s!

I badmouthed myself.

(that and Kmart shoes - I swore I would NEVER.....)

So yesterday, I was getting ready to cut out my planned Aberdeen and the Sydney scoffed at me from my cutting table. So, I looked in my bias trim box and found stash from my bib making days - and I looked at it with the fabric, and challenged myself to face the Syd.

And I started sewing, and then I altered the shoulder, and I bound the edges in the chambray and .... last night, right before bed I put in on.
Holy Heck!
I like it!

And today I am wearing it - I wore it in public all morning for running DS (the elder) to his babysitting course, taking DS (the younger) to daycare, buying train tickets, grabbing coffee, and now right through to lunch hour at my desk.

**** so the alteration:****
I laid out the garment (since it was already cut out) and pin basted it (used pins instead of stitching) and put it on.
The neckline was too big, so I inched at the shoulder , then repinned.  
The fit was better, so I laid the pieces flat and measured and cut a wedge out - along the shoulder seam -  1" at the neckline, reducing the adjustment to nil at the shoulder point (which was the edge of the flap on me).
It worked like a charm - I love this topper.

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