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Friday, June 5, 2015

Stashbuster #24 and #25 of 48 - An outfit for the Football Sidelines

You know that mom who shows up to events looking all rock'n'roll and yummy mommy and cooler than all'that?  I wish it were me, but I'm quite a bit more Suzy Homemaker. 
In my dreams I go all hipster cool and look fab on the sidelines, but reality is, I AM super-cool, but more like a Susan Sarandon character - Cool on the inside, in the past, and in my actions (my appearance is a red herring)

DS (the elder) plays football in a league every weekend May and June.
I needed an outfit to wear to the field, that fit, looked good, allowed me to suffer the heat.

Two TNTs made up today's bust!
(There's a play on words possible there - two TNA's make up today's bust!)

Here's my twirly view of the outfit - never mind DH's shadow or the photo-bombing Ed the Dog.  Look at the lovely Blue Sky!

The shorts are made from a light brushed twill long in my stash and are the result of my recent Lady Green Jeans endeavour.  I am slowly getting the front to fit better - the butt fits perfectly, but I haven't perfected the front.  The fabric sucks the wrinkles out of the air, but to show up to the game it is perfect!

The Shirt is TNT New Look 6160 - FBA'd to within an inch of it's life, nice sway back adjust, but I have a prominent rear that keeps it climbing up a little.  I like the way it fits, and I am really happy with the neckline, so I will continue to make it just this way until I drop the circumference of my hips.
Seriously - can I get a round of high fives for the stripe matching?
Both Jerseys have been in my stash since DS (the elder) was a baby.

Meters Used on these projects: 3
Total Meters Busted 5/6/2015: tbc

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