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Friday, September 4, 2015

Stash Buster #38 (of 48) Blue Halloween dress for the 4T Chickadee S1926

Please help me decide on the buttons....
Who knew?  What was once to be Spiderman curtains for 4 year old DS (the elder) has become a 3rd birthday present for the 4T Chickadee.  We have a threenager in our midst who prefers to wear blue dresses (and my SIL loves themed dresses) so TaDah! a Blue Hallowe'en dress!

This is in progress, and I need to decide on the buttons.  I will need to return to Fabricland for more blue buttons (shucks, if I HAVE to...) but I sort of like the look, but the orange buttons are more festive.... I am going to make a buttons hairband too... and the orange will look great in her hair.

What do you think?

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