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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Catch-up - Where have I been AND Stash Busters #39-46 (of 48)

I have had VERY busy days since my last (published) post on September 4 - A massive project in my paying job has been tying me up - and in all my non-paying roles adjusting to the new back to school hours, 7 weeks of CrossFit training, and one heck of a lot of MRIs, Mammograms, Ultrasounds and other unpleasant appointments.

I have found myself holding back on sewing my intended projects - hoping 7 weeks of CrossFit would mean new measurements (nope, it didn't have the intended measurements impact - but I AM much fitter)  - and knowing that I was going to have some significant changes in my measurements over the coming months (I have been identified with Cowden's Syndrome and will be having a double mastectomy and other procedures soon).  - Isn't that the craziest parenthetical announcement ever?  I am trying to compartmentalize and that Pandora's () has slammed back shut again.

SO - what have I been sewing?  STUFF:  Non. Stop. Keeping. Sane, Sewing.

I had to do a little alteration on this raincoat to get it back from the Extended-to-4T to a 2T

Stash Buster #39:
I made another M7093, but changed the neckline to the one from View A of 7251.  I originally planned on making 7251, but  I was short the necessary yardage for pattern placement/matching.  My friend Nicole from Sartorial Sewing gifted me this wonderful woven and I have worn the top about 8 times (in 8 weeks).

Stash Busters #40 and 41 are a Hallowe'en costume, so pictures and post later.

Stash Buster #42:
This is the Shwin Designs Johnny B Good Hoodie - cute as hell and reviewed here.

 Stash Buster #43:
I followed this tutorial from The Crazy Tailor to make a doll carrier (here is a pin for you)

Stash Buster #44 was a wadder organza skirt.
 Stash Buster #45 wasn't - I made another Julia Cardigan:

and #46 - my entry to the PR Sweater Knit Sewing Contest:
A Nancy Zieman Santa Fe Top - here's my review

So - #47 is almost 1/2 way (a Plantain T with blousy arms).
Next,  I am onto the massive Mrs Claus project (Due November 21) - and that's a whole blog post on its own.

So - the most pleasant of all the appointments in the last month was the routine mammogram -
The Ontario Breast Screening Program is awesome.
The appointment was 25 mins start to finish - and I was only 5 minutes in the exam room.

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