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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My first homemade bra - a run through the Seamwork Florence

Have you ever made something into a much bigger deal than it turned out to be?
 I mean, Holy Hannah - this was easy,  EASY.  After all my hmmmming and hunhhhhing I jumped in with buying some cheaper supplies Monday night, cutting Tuesday lunch, sewing for a few minutes Tuesday Night, and finishing at lunch Wednesday,  (less than 3 hours, for sure)

It's a rough up of the pattern from the February 2015 issue of Seamwork: the Florence Bra (3006)
Now, I have some funny bra baggage going on right now, but really, I made too big a deal about this... it wasn't a risk at all!  It took no time, and the cost:
  1. I went out and bought some 6" lace for $1.15
  2.  used some $1.25/m Fold Over Elastic, and stitched it folded
  3. Paid $2.40 for some plastic bra strap thingies (loops and sliders)
  4. Used some knit lining for the side cups.
All in All, I figure: $3.85 to make a bra - and it's not bad!   When I hung it on my dressform I was a gobsmacked - I giggled.  I burst out laughing - it looks pretty damn fine (even with my experimenting with stitch length and width)!  I bragged about it to my BFF, and texted out to my DH and SIL - I put it on Instagram.  What the hell was I worried about?

I'll get hubby to fit the back seam for me tonight - and if it's right, I'll leap into making some more for practice before my kit comes from Blackbird Fabrics... if anyone is thinking about gifting me something - I'd also like to try the Watson Bra  

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  1. Good job! It looks really good for a first bra! I was thinking about giving that pattern a try. I like the colors and lace in yours :)