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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sewing Room Photo - a breakdown of "what's up with that mess?"

So - we shared images of our sewing rooms today - here's a map of what's up:

  1. I received a notions Christmas Tree from my niece (the 4T Chickadee) as a gift - it's full of tape measures, thread, button, and stuff - it holds a place of honour on my sewing table.
  2. I have a RTW size dressform for teaching people how to sew (so they don't mess with my body-double dressform)
  3. Giant wipe-off board with measurments for my friends, projects, family, - this rocks
  4. thrifted sewing machine that needs some attention.  Brother Walmart special, but it was cheap!
  5. My awesome Husqvarna Opal
  6. McCall's poster of patterns that comes when I order patterns online - it's currently acting as a slide for my thread scraps into the convenient garbage can (I can't reach very far while I am healing)
  7. My body double - currently named old me - I need to re build her for my post surgery body.
  8. A GIANT mirror (old sliding closet door)
  9. 27 year old Elna 4thread overlocker
  10.  Sewtionary and Betzina's Fabric Savvy
  11. 25 year old cutting mat
  12. Fuchsia!
  13. Iron (for reference)
  14. Built-in Vacuum (so handy!  the hose is on the floor)
  15. Zippers, Finishings, etc
  16. Pattern and fitting tools
  17. hanging patterns
  18. Stash Bins (there are many up there along a long shelf)
  19. Scrap bins (two wire basket cupboards)
  20. a peek at the top of my lower stash (see 34 if you can find it)
  21. under the table stash
  22. end of the table stash
  23. laundry tub stash (just kidding - that's current projects #1)
  24. Iron (for reference) on its board (aka work surface #5 - the only clear one)
  25. the serger for reference (see #9)
  26. Pattern Drawer (Lady clothes)
  27. Pattern Drawer (kids, Men, Home Dec, and PDF Instructions)
  28. the handiest little magnet cup - it's a locker tool
  29. Paper and Envelope stash
  30. Paper Trimmer (for PDFs)
  31. books
  32. cupboard of buttons and fasteners
  33. Hanging patterns
  34. lower stash
  35. UFO - duffel bag
  36. My unsolicited Christmas gift from my hubby - WINNER - seam ripper kit
Not Pictured: My Trims stash and Ironing Tools cabinet - and Current Projects #2 and #3 (on the floor in bags under the ironing board)

Fabric set aside on mini bolts

My Upper Stash

My Trims stacked up next to the mini bolts

My Husband's gift of height to my folding table

Serger thread stash in the serger table

My monitor above my sewing table - it's an old photo, there's no computer there now - I move it there when I am in a project

My brag book of stash snips

A shot of tidier times

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  1. I envy the luxury of a sewing room. My stash and sewing stuff is all over the house. We have a "spare room" that can't be a real sewing room because it has to be a sometimes guest room and sometimes play room for the grandkids but some of my sewing stuff is in there. My antique sewing machine (which I do use) is in the living room next to a wooden tool chest full of notions. My new sewing machine stays in the spare room when I'm not using it and on the kitchen table when I am. My fabric stash is in plastic storage containers in my bedroom and in bags at the bottom of my bedroom closet. I am shockingly disorganized but, somehow, I usually manage to find what I'm looking for pretty quickly.