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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Get a Grip. Pattern Review Contest outfit planning....

I am altering patterns in ways that disappoint me (I am struggling with accepting that I need to alter that much).  So, super-timely Pattern Review has announced the plus size pattern contest.
(See how it's all lower case there?  Even the contest icon is meh...)
Plus Size Contest

So.  I signed up for the contest.   Do I want to win?  Will I brag about it?
I wish the contest was better labelled:

Curvy Couture Contest! 

Woohoo!  That's a badge I could wear with pride.
So, I am renaming the contest for my personal experience of it, and I am using my own badge!

Here are the first two rules:
1- Sew an outfit - either one piece like a dress or jumpsuit or an ensemble consisting of at least a top and bottom (skirt and blouse, pants/trousers and shirt). An additional piece, like a cardi or topper is fine, but not required.
2- For the purpose of this contest, plus size patterns are:
- Any pattern labeled as plus size or designed especially for plus size sewists, for example Simplicity, Butterick and McCalls patterns with "W" sizing, BurdaStyle plus patterns, Curvy Chick patterns.
- Or, if a pattern company does not specifically label their patterns as "plus" or "Women", but has sizes that are comparable to Big 4 Women's size charts (Simplicity or BMV), those sizes also qualify. For example Jalie size X is roughly comparable to BMV size 18W, so it would qualify (as would Y, Z...)
Okay so W sizing:

V1141 is a TNT - and it is a W pattern, so it's a no brainer.

So does the Alder Skirt make the cut? 

Whaaaaaaaat? that's craziness...  (I have already started tracing the pattern!  well - throw those out!  I'm a size 12?  You gotta know I will be using my measuring tape on those pattern pieces....)
That's  why a few of the makes I have reviewed on the web fit like this one!  I find that look a little too much like the alder skirt {for girls} - But Allie at IndieSew says:

"This a-line skirt has two adorable front pockets that sit nice and flat against your abdomen." 


"I sewed my Alder Skirt in a dark turquoise twill and modified the skirt a bit to fit my body shape. Because I’m pear shaped, I find that high-waisted skirts complement my figure more than a skirt that sits low on my waist. I decided to size down two sizes in the pattern and the fit is absolutely perfect. I was worried, though, that sizing down that much would require me to insert a zipper. But lucky me, I inadvertently chose a fabric with a ton of stretch. Enough stretch, in fact, that I can easily slide my Alder Skirt up over my hips with no problem! "
I'm sold - I will sew to my measurements.....

And the Seamwork Sydney?

Okay - I am seeing a pattern (lol!) so I am going to sew this one to fit and expect to remake it to my high bust and do a FBA (and possibly keep the dart!)
So, Yes - these are "Plus Size" patterns - so I believe they will fit the [contest] bill:  I am thinking, Sydney, V1141, and Alder Skirt - it's a cute summery outfit.

But publish photos clearly labelled with sizing?
I am often tough on myself.  I am not happy with my fitness level right now, and who wants to announce they had to alter UP a size 22?  (Especially when I worked so hard to be a RTW 12 just 6 years ago) - Maybe I should treat this contest as an opportunity to get a grip.

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