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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Cabled Cosy (Jacquard) Sweater - M6992

A few months ago I learned quite a lot doing a course called Dressing Your Truth (previous post) - it changed a few things - including what fabric I buy.  I have a little card with my best colour groupings  on it and though I rarely pull it out (it's pretty intuitive) it has tuned my eye to what it right for me when I am digging through the bins and bolts of clearance fabrics.

So I found a bizarre 1.2m piece in the Jacquards bin this Fall, and I couldn't let it pass.  It is the right colour - lots of activity/movement, and it's "cute".
The fabric is a jacquard knit, and also quilted.  I would almost say it leans towards a scuba - it's very neat.

I revisited McCall's M6992:
The double bust darts give this sweater great shaping, and the raglan sleeves are really sweet.  The little shoulder dart is a nice feature.
I like the hem without the band (View D) and I was really happy with the pattern matching at the front shoulder.
Given that I was limited to my remnant, and it had a flaw running the middle of the piece on the grainline - I think the back is well placed too.  

I am very happy with this make.

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