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Saturday, April 23, 2016

A kindred soul's stash

Earth Day /week inspires a lot of rehoming, repurposing, and reduce, reuse, recycling and today was a thrifting day in my town: schools and organizations have resale events where they collect a small admittance at the door and various "vendors" tag their goods for sale in gymnasiums and halls.

We visited a sale this morning searching for some summer clothes for DS the younger.  Afterwards we popped into VV to dig around.  I (per usual) loaded up the cart with children's books (to keep the boy occupied while I peruse) and moved over to the sewing and fabric section and I delightedly collected a few bags of notions.

I gaga'd at the little sneak peeks that i could discern through the jumble of stacked cards and celophane, shelled over my $6 and change and happily returned the children's book (save 1 DS got to pick).  Once at home I settled down to sort through the 4 bags.  The first was a fantastic collection of buttons.  Gorgeous jewels still on their cards.  Most were purchased for 15 cents from Woolworth, Zellers, and Eaton's. 

I am taking such joy on this bag! There was a little card of orange buttons that attracted me at first, it was why I bought the bag... but, so many beautiful buttons!  Like candies.

Bag #2 had me at a peek of blue and silver rick rack.  There were so many pretties peeking over the stacks of cards in the bag.  There was also a new treasure:  Shell Braid.  Everything is sparkly with gold and silver fibers, and so may pastels!

Bag #3 was a motherload of snaps and hooks and eyes, needles and bias tape.  This one fascinated me in its history.

So many of the little metal bits were made in Canada and England.  Today they come from China and India usually, and I have been trained to have an aversion to cheaply made bits (often this is why I thrift - to re purpose and rehome bits and pieces that already exist, and lessen my footprint that iota.)

Bag #4 sits on my kitchen table waiting for my inspection.   I spotted bra hook panels and a snap setter and that was the motivation to spend another $1.39.  

I feel like I know the former owner of all these things, in fact, I feel like she is an old friend.  I know, if she was alive as the items were loaded up, that there was regret at the projects not made and the loss of those beautiful cards of buttons.  I hope that she somehow knows that her stash has landed in my stash.  I will do my best to create the final home for these notions and finishings and her passion will be infused with mine.

Do you wonder what will happen to your stash when you no longer hold it?

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  1. What a beautiful post, Heather. I love your new to you collection. How wonderful that you were the one to get it as you love it so. Yes, I wonder who will get my stash. I, of course, got Momma's. I seldom use any of it but I handle it often and think of her. I try to keep my goodies together so that when the time comes my son can just move it on out. I love your blog.