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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Endeavours! Shorts and "that curve"

I am really excited to be sewing up some Endeavours!  I have looked at the pattern online so many times in the last year, and passed because I was unsure of the whole package  (I was stung sharply by a BAAAAAD pdf (previously blogged, you'll find it if you are looking for the pattern review) )- I wanted to see reviews and they were few, and the designer was offline for a while.

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Then recently there was a thread of chat about tough to fit bodies and pants and a Fb friend recommended the pattern.  Phew! - then! I was (just the NEXT DAY) shopping in a destination fabric shop a few hours from home :  Fabrications and saw this wall:  (YES, I giggled)

The pattern IS innovative.  I like the variation for hip curve - bum-cup size as described by the designer.  It's drafted well (all the notches match, too!) and my first kick at the can (get it!?) was a near success (I am so! close).  The instructions are great - if you have experience with reading a pattern, it's easy to get the jive.  It's similar to a Style Arc instruction set - and there are plenty of handy tips right on the pattern pieces - be prepared to trace you pattern.

I was excited to see that the PR Pants Contest is next month, so I am hoping that I will get a TNT out of these.  The first pair were dreamy on my bum, and a little tight in the front (I am an atypical shape) So I am going up a size - I suspect I may be 1 size in the front and another in the back....
I highly recommend not skipping this pattern - it's a treat.


  1. Oh, these are tempting. I have been using one pattern for pants for several years because I traced and tweaked and re-traced it until I got it just perfect for me and now that I've found what works... well, I guess you could say I'm in a rut. How deep are those pockets, by the way? If they're not big enough to hold a Galaxy S6 that's a deal breaker. :-)

  2. Good size pockets. I'm so glad to see some love for this pattern. I've made one pair of shorts and two pairs of trousers and I'm really pleased with the results.