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Monday, May 25, 2015

Stash Buster #22 (of 48) - B6061 Lady GreenJeans Shorts

Woo Hoo!  They are wearable!

I have faced some significant challenges encasing my behind since the birth of DS (the younger).  
The greatest challenge has been myself - and getting over my fear of the alteration.
Following the tome of guidance from Oblander-Zieman I did some pivot and slide work:

I heavily altered Butterick 6061 (here is the pattern review). I used the hemline as my pivot point to tilt the side out to meet my hip measurement, then the new hip point as the pivot point to come back in to my waist (did this to both the front and the back (I had to tape the pocket pieces to the front to do this. I also used the hemline to pivot the back inner thigh out to add some length to the crotch (1.5inches) and then used the hip point to pivot the back up to gain the additional 2.5 inches in back length. 

This method worked really well once I got the hang of it - the first run at the muslin was a disaster of trying to spread the "spread" over the front and back (see my earlier blog post).

I will scan and post my pocket draft for sharing  (I will update here when the link is ready)

There was a fair amount of topstitching for these pants - here's what was left when I was done:

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  1. These look fantastic on you!! I have been pulling my hair out on muslin #5 of a shorts pattern. I have similar issues: large rear, full thighs in front, small waist. It's so hard to get a fit without weird crotch issues.

    You have given me hope and I even ordered and overnighted the book you used :D I have some of nancy's other books and love them.

    What a great TNT for you now!