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Thursday, May 14, 2015

People Watching - Developments! The teens I see every morning are blossoming!

I. Love. Spring!

Most days the stroller makes its way across my geographical footprint to daycare.  It's a great walk of 4000 steps according to my pedometer and the route varies only slightly from time to time.
(My vicious Beast of Hell, Eddie the Dog accompanies me, so don't get any stalker ideas, dear reader)

En route, I say good morning to every face - whether eye contact is made or not.  Teens will sometimes walk along the road to avoid the interaction.  One particularly sullen girl, who walks with a steady pace that approaches Monty Python heights has been a little project of mine - and I have NOT event cracked the shell in 6 months.

She is the perfect combination of apathy and angst - frozen gaze, firm lips, dead eyes and hair falling in her face, held back only slightly by her earbuds and cords.

Last week, my mind exploded when she had her hair in a pony-tail (I'm not kidding - I actually veered off the sidewalk gawking at her).
Then, earlier this week she was walking with a boy.
Today:  She said "Good Morning" To. My. Face!!!!!

Holy Marshmallow on a branch!  There's hope!

I. Love. Spring!

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