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Friday, May 22, 2015

Trials and Tribulations of my Expanded Lap....

Oh, Motherhood.
I know I should be able to drop the baby weight: get back at sweaty exercise and continue to eat right. But, getting back to sweaty exercise has been a challenge.... Everyday, I don't get on the elliptical, I do haul my buns the 4,000 steps to daycare and back, but I barely break a sweat!

So - here I stand (okay, sit) typing and not sweating.

So - I am faced with trying to create a summer wardrobe that fits - and my pants patterns are challenging me.
[whiney whine]
 this month I have been trying to get my buns into a pair of shorts.  Muslin 2 nearly crushed my spirit:

The little 2 inch waistband was not finishing these off
(hey, like how I maintain my sense of decency by waving the shorts around in that .gif?)

That muslin was the result of following Nancy Zieman's Fitting Finesse step by step.
Okay - step by step, 20 minutes at a time with the baby calling out for me from the main floor.

I strongly suspect I swapped my front and back adjustments... the crotch is just weird.
I suspect  that the hip curve calculation was reversed too - maybe I was supposed to add an inch instead of subtract....[LOL]

So - I started over, and used the Oblander and Zieman pivot and slide technique again - only, I went by intuition and 
and I am basting the back and side today....  fingers crossed!

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