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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stash Busting Project #2 (of 48) - Blue/Black Interlock Julia Cardigan

Check out this crazy fabric:

I pictured a great tunic-y cardigan I could wear with a belt over and spice up a black jeans ensemble.

Tonight, though, I was looking for instant gratification and I think I may have blundered.

This is what I got:

I need to wear it all day and decide if I like how it looks.  I am always far more critical of my creations when I am wearing them.

Meters Used on this project: 1.8
Total Meters Busted 1/7/2015: 3.8


  1. It looks great. I have been wondering about this pattern for a while. What is your verdict?

    1. Verdict - lol, I am not sure - it works well in petite for sure - but I find it a bit bunchy at my lower back. It is easy to wear, and I get compliments on it. It looked great on my niece - the waist is not emphasized (which I prefer on my body-type). It's super easy - I say make it and try it on yourself. You won't go wrong with the pattern. see also this version: