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Monday, January 26, 2015

My Sewing Mojo is depressed.

There's my Duffel Bag.  Lying there with no bottom and no shoulder strap nor handle.
It took me 6 hours to sew the side panels in because I was overzealous in my fabric choice (see my last post on Home Dec Fabric).  I swore like a sailor through the sides - I have some serious contrition in my future.

My Serger is too long at the Spa - I suspect the technician doesn't want to tell me that I may need to pull the plug.  I miss it so!  I have a backlog of projects I would like to dive into, but I am letting it's absence hold me back.
I have The Cold keeping me out of the basement, too;  and DH is on a terrible shift these next few weeks with a class of trainees on a evening shift.  I doubt I will get much done in the evenings unless DS2 is into sleeping in his crib at 8pm (rotflmao).  The Cold has had me blowing my nose for 10 days now - my sewing room is a petrie dish (gross) - and I can't spray it down with lysol like my MIL suggests....  .

So - What's on the burner?

  1. Manilas in Galaxy Sunset

    Thrifted / Stash Fabric - It sparkles, It's Orange and Yellow and Pink - Spandex, I think.
  2. Lisette's Passport Dress 2209 in a Hunting Border Print  (Rayon?) It's stash fabric again

    Sally at The Quirky Peach did a cute version and her stripes at the centre pleats have me inspired.  I like Wendy K's Centre Back Zipper
  3. I am going to finally trace Vogue 2491 (OOP) and make the vest out of a crazy stash fabric:
    Vogue 2491 Wardrobe Jacket Coat Vest Top Skirt Pants Size 14 16 18 Uncut Sewing Pattern 2000
    I have to decide which direction to run the stripe:
  4. Finally, I have just added to my stash: and have plans for a top and skirt:

new addition: a cool Ponte
I was thinking View C of Simplicity 1945, but this image of Threads' Review has changed my mind and I think I will make view B - I found Haileyscomet's version in a similar weight Ponte hmmmm....  I will have to test the fabric thickness this time - and avoid my duffel bag density.  Maybe I'll make it in something else first to test - my last wrap front is too hot with all the layers.

Here are the patterns added to my stash this week from the thrift store:

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