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Friday, January 9, 2015

Stash Busting Project #3 (of 48) - Blue/Grey with Gold Infinity Scarf

Also known as the beast that beat my serger.  Yup.  The fabric that looked so easy, got caught between a rock (the feed plate) and a hard place (the blade) and jammed and threw my serger's timing down  Two Left Foot Lane.

Sigh.  Bye bye old friend, off to the Serger Spa for a full tune - up.   See you in several weeks. (It will cost as much as the spa!)

But the scarf!  OMiGawd. I am so sorry that it is destined for my coworker (the lucky duck got me as her Secret Santa)  I wish I had enough for myself too.  Look at the fabric!

It's a gorgeous knit with gold fibres in the grey  (ecru?) and a spattering of gold across the navy.

I want to keep it.  Carol: you are gifted the best secret santa scarf ever.

Meters Used on this project: 1
Total Meters Busted 1/9/2015: 4.8

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