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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stashbusting for 2015

In 2014 I decided to return to sewing the majority of my clothes.  and then I committed to only using thrift store finds.  (EEK! it was impossibly easy - who knew the world was full of fabric hoarders just about to clear out their basement?)

And now, it's 2015 and I have been welcomed (open armed) into the online realm of sewists!  I have joined a club:

Tumbleweeds In The Wind: Announcing The 3rd Stashbusting Sewalong! Bring on 2015!

and I have committed:
I, Heather,commit to using 48 pieces of stash fabric in 2015. I also commit to not buying any new fabric/patterns/ notions except for Fully-Planned, Pinned, Blogged and Detailed projects. I will blog all 48 stash busters on and I will commit to participating in the contests and the Stashbusting 2015 sewalongs.

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