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Monday, January 19, 2015

My kryptonite: Home Dec fabric

Why must upholstery fabric be so pretty?  I continuously try to sew with it and end up in a schmozzle.   I am now 4.5 hours into the end pieces of my new duffel.   It was supposed to be done for my trip to Toronto this past weekend, but I had to cry uncle.
There are about 200 layers in that bundle.  My wee sewing machine is weeping in the corner right now.  Stabalizer, fleece, lining, zipper tab, shoulder strap loop, main fabric (a great canvas weight with grey and yellow swirls), and accent fabric (the remnant of the dinosaur skirt).  I am ready to take my seam ripper to my forehead and lobotomize this project. 

Stashbuster #4 of 48 ... will NOT be a UFO.  
I will overcome.
(Note: it is Martin Luther King Day.  I mean absolutely no disrespect with that final line.)

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