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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Making a Baby Blanket go a little further

It's no secret that I adore my Sister in Law and dote on her daughter.  Living in a house with boys at all stages (baby, tween, husband, and Father... and a boy-dog to top it off) means I desperately cultivate my girly realms.  A's pink dresses and ribbons and bows are like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day.

I can't say no to SIL and when she asked me to craft something out of her baby blanket I followed suit and said yes and accepted the package.  SIL was thinking "a purse" or an accessory for her dolls, but when I unpacked the TINY beautiful Minke (a silky fleece blanket from the fairy land of new babies) I could only imagine extending the cuddle.

The pattern is a big polkadot with animals popping out of some of the circles.
Minke is the softest velvet you can imagine, and this one had been washed a hundred times so I had confidence that I could trust it not to shrink any further and I thought if I carefully unpicked the binding and separated it from the pink fleece backing that I could  use it for some piece of clothing.

In my pattern stash I have a number of kids patterns including Simplicity 1926 ( ) which is a cute coordinates package that includes a kimono sleeved bolero.  I had considered it a few times for A, so I pulled it out and voilà!  It fit! (JUST).

There were a few circles available in the arm pits of the patter, so I cut carefully to leave three animals for a coordinating Peek -a- Boo Pattern Shop Janey Jump Around  Dress ( )

The Jump Around Dress is a favorite, I have made it several times now, so I pulled some fuscia fleece and white jersey from my stash and used the three fabrics to make the two items.
The three remnant animals became appliqués on the dress, elbow patches and an elephant at centre chest.

So SIL was thrilled, and A was equally happy.

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