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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Passport Wasted Effort

I was motivated again.  I made a great work out outfit this week (blog entry to follow) and I was finally re - energized.   I was so pleased that I thought: Now.  Now I am ready to address the Lisette Passport Dress.
To to make sure we are all on the same page, Simplicity 2209 is well reviewed by entry level sewists of the RTW variety and the Passport Dress has somewhat of a cult following (Interestingly, this following has escalated with Pinterest after Simplicity took it to Out Of Print).  I was fortunate enough to have this pattern in my stash and I have made the jacket (gave it away I disliked it so much) and I put the dress aside for someday. 
I knew this pattern was going to need adjusting.  I am a busty size 18 with a full thigh.  According to the envelope I should make a 22W and grade down at the shoulders and upper bust.  GREAT: no fba!    I made the muslin, and found I needed an upper bust dart.  The waist dart needed a slight adjustment,  shorter and repointed.   My 2nd muslin, made, the bust darts land perfectly, and the repointed waist darts positioned nicely - and I have just realized that I have a princess seam that crosses in the front with a gap at the bust apex.  
The dress' personality is gone.
New project.

Meters Used on this project: .2
Total Meters Busted 1/9/2015: 5

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