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Monday, February 23, 2015

New Plans - the list is overwhelming!

For Myself:
View A of Simplicity 1620 is traced, adjusted and ready for a wearable muslin.
I am going straight to a wearable muslin because of what I read in the reviews on
 - I just adjusted for my hip measurement.

A blue Georgette will be combined with A brown Batik for a Top B, I think.
The rest of the batik will be a pair of shorts, I think.
And the red Hunting plaid border print will be a tunic length of Dress A, to be worn with a belt.

Also - I need to whip up BurdaStyle Scene Queen Shirt 130A-112014-US for the Burda Challenge.

For DS the Elder:  A red thermal Finlayson and several pair of pajama pants.  He has also agreed to some shorts with pockets (cargo shorts I believe he means) - I will be using the Jedediah Pants pattern, I think - he's a 28, but I'll bet he would like them baggy.

For DS the Younger: I want to try an oliver + s pattern: Tea Party Sundress Romper - at the bottom of the picture (View D) I have some cute light weight denim and some red piping.  It will be the only darling thing anyone will let me make for him for a while....

For A: likely several oliver + s Family Reunion Dresses - I am going to teach a class, and I want to practice it over and over.  I have also offered to make a Anna Dress and I am secretly also making a Cinderella Dress using McCalls' Frozen Costume pattern - watch for a blog posting on that one.

For DH: A request has been issued (from He who never requests) - and his request shall result in a lightweight knit front zip hoodie - using the Burda Young pattern 7734

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