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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stash Buster #8: Dream Realized! Lavender Stretch Lace Bronte Top

(or was it 1994?)
We were organizing for my BFF'S wedding, and selected lace tops to wear with pretty skirts.  We even bought the tops before my GF got super-clever and simplified her wedding (just me in a nice outfit as her MoH).  I have no idea what happened to the top.  I have looked for it over the tears to no avail.  I dream about that pretty, golden and taupe lace once in a while; wearing it with a navy blazer, or a pair of palazzo pants (it WAS the 90's).

So a while ago in the remnant bin at Fabricland I found 1.5 metres of stretch lace fabric, and I pictured wearing it as that top.  Sure, it wasn't gold - it was pink and grey - but I wanted the top.  Into my stash went the fabric.
Recently I have pulled out the lace and fondled it, I wondered how difficult it was going to be to work with, I read articles that had you cutting around the lace to make invisible seams, read  Threads 175 about a Guipure skirt, and (the proverbial straw) I have been considering a six item capsule wardrobe for a

So I was in a manic sewing mood and I am out of tracing paper - so I am limited to a recent pattern - Hudson Pants?  another Julia Cardigan?

OOOOOOOH!  A Bronte Top!  

I was thrilled with how easily this sewed up - I shortened the arm by (cough4inchescough).  It looks like I should do a FBA next time (there's a self correcting "dart" there).  My serger is off sprouting angel wings somewhere, so it was stitched with a little zigzag and it looks great!  I used self-fabric for the binding - and it worked (but I DID topstitch in the same little 1.5x1.5 zigzag).  It looks great!

I know - I need to wear a cami with it, but I LOVE THIS TOP!


Meters Used on this projects: 1.5
Total Meters Busted 2/07/2015: 13

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