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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stash Buster #8, #11, #12, #13 (of 48): Travel Wardrobe Collection for Winter Business Travel is a fantastic site.  Before I sign up for a class, invest in a pattern or even when I am looking for a good pattern I use the site as a wonderful resource of people who have experienced what I am considering.  There are tips for how to work with fabrics, and there are hints and warning about particular patterns.  I sign up for (almost) all of the contests to keep me motivated and this month it is the  Travel Wardrobe Contest.  4 new pieces and 2 other pieces to complete a wardrobe capsule for your trip.

So I made 4 Pieces:
  1. A Lavender Lace Bronte Shirt - I blogged about Stash Buster #8 forever ago (it seems)
  2. Simplicity 1620 Shift Dress - a wearable muslin of the tunic I am planning for a border print in my stash
  3. A Sloper Skirt (aka New Look 6274) out of the worst fabric in my stash
  4. A Cardigan - Simplicity 1945
The Bronte - I love this shirt - I wear this shirt like once a week:  I have pajama set and this is the top, I have this new lace one and I have my upcycled Canadiens version:
Simplicity 1620 - when Fabricland stopped carrying Simplicity they cleared out all of their patterns, and I bought several at $1 each - this was one.  It's a super easy pattern, but I figured it might be a cute one in a pinch and I was thinking about woven T's at the time.  I recently decided to make the dress into a tunic from a cute border print I have in my stash, so I started with a muslin - this Green Dress:

I went digging through my fabric, then looking for something that would go with both the top and the dress, and found this purple remnant:
.  But there wasn't enough to do much with it - and yet I pushed the limits of conscientious pattern layout, added a Centre Back Seam and then cut one panel off grainline.  I now have a new favorite skirt - great length and super comfortable.

Finally I wish I hadn't, but I cut into my scuba knit and made a true plus size pattern from my stash (no FBA needed, was my rationale) and I thought it would be great, but I wholeheartedly dislike my cardigan:
Overall - it is exactly what the Dr ordered for me - a chance to recognize my style and to make some current pieces for my wardrobe.  - But the cardigan may need to move on.

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