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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stash Busters #6 & #7 (of 48): Valentines Day Gifts - Size 4 outfits!

My niece, A, has grown into a size 4!  This means that my toddler patterns are on their last legs, and some of my TNTs are about to be bygones.  As it is, I had to trace new leggings patterns and a new long-sleeve t.  So - This week I made:

Don't get too excited - you aren't about to drop into cute overload.
See the shirt at the top right of 5936?  and the Leggings/Pants C on 1774?  Yawn.
A's in need of foundation pieces - Mom works at Gymboree

So not so boring as all that:  First I made a trial run of 5936 and then a little matching 1/2 circle skirt on some sweet elastic I had in my stash.  The fabric - decades old from my stash from back before I realized that boys need primary colours in their lives.
The half circle seems to magically fallen on the grain at centre-front.  Woot!

There is a short zipper at the neckline and centre back - and I had a lovely, soft, rose coloured zipper to use in my stash.  So, Hurray!  Busted 1.5 metres, and invested no money at Fabricland!

BUT  once I got going - who wanted to stop?  Not this gal.  I had some fuscia fleece left from the Baby Blanket Jump a Round Dress - so I made a simple pair of leggings/pants:
An I got cute with a short shoelace I had in my stash, cut it in half and attached  it to some elastic I secured at centre back, and slipped it through a couple of quick button holes - the pants took me 40 minutes.

And of course - who needs sleep?
I looked at the bits left of the fleece and decided to make a top. But there wasn't quite enough... but there was a little of the Christmas Cutie Dress quilted jersey left - and then I found a pack of fuscia reflective tape!  

So I took the pattern for the top, and got rid of the centre back seam, then I took the front pattern and added a seam allowance for a zipper and tahdah! cute little jacket. 

The other shoelace is at the inside neckline seam.  I sewed the reflective tape down. (it was iron-on grosgrain ribbon)  a stripe at the front of the centre arm on each side and a nice fat band across the shoulders.

Totally Cute Jacket
I am going to say another 1.5 meters busted.

Meters Used on these projects: 3
Total Meters Busted 1/27/2015: 11

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  1. The shoelace idea is the CUTEST! I miss sewing for my nieces, and this post was a sweet reminder of how much fun it was to sew for toddlers. Great job on all of the garments. Adorable.