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Friday, February 6, 2015

Sigh. Baby Mom versus Cool Mom of a Tween.

DS the elder is doing something super-cool tonight.  We went out and bought a pair of black slacks and a white, cotton, collared, dress shirt.  He left class to practice every day for weeks.  I picked him up right at the end of the school days and shuttled him downtown.  and I dropped him off at the dress rehearsal for:

He's one of the school-children's voices in Another Brick in the Wall.

I am so happy for him - he has a great sense of music appreciation (we work at it) and he LOVES music.  This was his first time singing in front of people (who weren't sitting in wooden chairs in a school gymnasium waiting for their DSs and DDs classes to take the stage).

So he's there right now - signing as one of 8 kids on stage, and where am I?
At home with the baby.

I have been quietly sad about it all day.
He's with his Dad tonight and heading to the other house for the weekend.  I won't get to hug him until Sunday night.  I can't wait.

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