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Friday, February 20, 2015

Stash Buster #10: Upcycling for the Canadiens - A Repurposful Bronte

OOOOOOOH!  Another Bronte Top
Do you like the contrast binding?
This was a precious upcycle stash, and I am dieting, so I decided to make the shirt in the next smaller size - so it's pretty tight - but the jocks like that, right?

Hubby is VERY happy.

I cut the red and blue shirts at the seams (side, shoulder, armscythe) - leaving the hems in place.  I used the sleeves, retaining the cuff and centreing on the two arm top seams (it was a three piece sleeve).  I manipulated the front to centre the logo (which was off centre, hence for upcycling) and for both the front and back I retained the hems.

The original Tshirt label visible at the viewer's right hemline was retained (but is included in the seam allowance a tiny bit).

Meters Used on these projects: 2 (as 2 shirts)
Total Meters Busted 2/15/2015: 17

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